Welcome to My Website-Toraja Gallery

Welcome to My Website-Toraja Gallery



Me : wearing Toraja Custom, Baju Adat Toraja

www.yosintaparuruk.com – TORAJA GALLERY. Hi guys, welcome to my website. This is my first article on my website. I am so exited to tell you the reason why I am building this website.

But first of all, I want to introduce my self a little bit. My name is Yosinta Paruruk. I was born in Rantepao, Toraja Utara, South Sulawesi. Went to Elementry School in Lolai, Rinding Allo, Catholic Junior High School in Rantepao, Senior High School in SMAN1 Rantepao, and graduated at Hasanuddin Univercity in Makassar, South Sulawesi. After my univercity, I move to Batam Island, Riau Province, Indonesia and working in Marine and Offshore Industri  in several international companies, from 2000 until 2016.

On late 2016, my father health condition was drop down and he has spend a lot of days in hospital. Because I am living far away from my parents since I moved to Batam Island and has very less time to spend with parents whose living miles away from me. So when my father was sick, I decided to stop my work and went back to Toraja and accompanied him in hospital until his last day and he went to heaven on 17.02.2017. That was a very sad moment to our family and especially for me, and still until now. Rest in Peace for his soul my loving papa.

Mama and beloved papa

Because the family decided to prepare a proper funeral ceremony for my papa, we have to keep the body of my papa in our home until the funeral ceremony, follows the culture and tradition of Toraja people. And start from that very first day my papa went to heaven, we were starting to prepare a lot of kinds of ceremonies as part of procession for a long funeral ceremony.

I was rising in Toraja culture, but I still do not know and understand a lot of things related to the culture in my home town. Because some of the culture traditions are unusual and only can be seen or performed in special occasion, or only can be done following the social status, and some are performed in specific town only. And for some Toraja people who was raising not in Toraja or limited time to spend in own hometown, we sometimes do not have chance to see or involve in the culture procession.  Beside that due to modernization and spiritual life in Toraja, there are Toraja people do not want anymore to perform some of the culture processions which they though are violate / not in line with their religious or spiritual life. That are some of the reasons, I believe, why a lots of Toraja people, especially the young generations has no clue anymore about our own culture.

Me, with sisters and brothers. Picture taken on my niece wedding day. Wearing Toraja Custom ( Baju Adat Toraja )

From the day my father went to heaven, my siblings, close families and relatives are starting to do preparation for the funeral ceremony of my papa which planned to be held start from mid of July 1027 till mid of August 2018. It takes enormous efforts, times, energies, materials, sacrifices, tears, sharing ideas from so many parties involved. And that is the first reason I am building this website as my most highest gratitude, my deepest respect and honor to everybody who were involving in all those processes.

In this website, I will make documentation for my papa funeral ceremony and also the culture of Toraja in more wide area, as my small part taking to introduce Toraja Culture to my own families, Toraja people and hopefully for worldwide, who wants to know about Toraja. That is why I named TORAJA GALLERY. I will make videos and try to do it in English, even though my English is not that good.

And I apologize in advance, should any of my articles, videos, pictures or comments, you found offended to anybody. I am looking forward for any advice for my learning process. And please understand that this is made not for showing up my personal or my family life, but it is pure the learning process about Toraja Culture.

Thank you, God Bless you ALL.

Warmest regards,

Yosinta Paruruk


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