Making Kiding-Kiding for Funeral Decoration

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Making Kiding-Kiding for Funeral Decoration


Making Kiding-Kiding for Funeral Decoration
Ne’Galang, Ne’Deo, Ne’Ludi’ and Ne’Tesy are making kiding-kiding

Although the preparation for funeral procession for Ne’ Nesry has been starting since 4 months ago, the preparation still continue and will be continued until the last day of funeral. From early morning today, the villagers have came to continue the preparation especially for Ma’ Pabalik Procession which will be held tonight.

Funeral Ceremony of Ne’ Nesry will be held from 24th July till 11 August 2018, at his house, Tongkonan Ponggessa, Lembang Ao’Gading Lilikira, Kecamatan Balusu, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Today, some villagers men are finishing the temporary lodge to host the guest (Ruang Tamu) and finishing temporary kitchen for the kids of Ne’ Nesry. While some are busy Ma’ Piong (cook pork meat in Bamboo). The women busy in the kitchen to prepare food and drinks and cleaning rice ( Manta’pi Barra’). Some are busy installing Mosquito Net (Kelambu) in every Rice Barns, and older women are making Kiding-Kiding for decoration.

Making Kiding-Kiding

Kiding-kiding is a special decoration used only for funeral decoration. Kiding-kiding is made from wool treads from various colors, tied up in small bamboo pieces. Made in square model and long model and left a little long tread in the end. This is usually made by older women.

Ready made Kiding-Kiding, later on are using to decorate a black umbrella infront of Lakkean Sura’.

A black umbrella infront of Lakkean Sura’. 

This umbrella is placed infront of Lakkean Sura’ (two tiers platform where the coffin is placed during ceremony).  An its carried in front or beside the coffin, whenever the coffin is moving during the funeral ceremony.

Decoration infront of Lakkean Sura’

After making Kiding-Kiding, the women take sometimes for Ma’Lambuk. Ma’Lambuk = Menumbuk Padi in Indonesian Languange. Ma’Lambuk is punching or mashing dry rice using Lesung and Alu, to remove the outer shell / grain skin becomes rice. But for funeral ceremony, Ma’ Lambuk is done as a symbol of high level funeral procession.

Making Kiding-Kiding for Funeral Decoration
Ne’Lili’, Indo’ Ade, Ne’Ludi’, Ne’ Radit, Ne’Galang, Ne’Alan and two others of Ne’Nesry relatives, Ma’Lambuk after lunch.

Ma’ Lambuk is done with few people depends on Lesung size. Villagers and relatives of Ne’Nesry do Ma’Lambuk from the first day of funeral procession and will Ma’Lambuk in every stage of procession.

For more about decorations on death ceremony or death ritual in Toraja Culture, please read the next article in Philosopy Toraja.

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