Ride to Ne’ Garu, Buffelo Fighting Arena in Lilikira, North Toraja.

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Ride to Ne’ Garu, Buffelo Fighting Arena in Lilikira, North Toraja.

Buffelo fighting is one part of the procesion in the Toraja funeral ceremony.

Buffelo = Kerbau = Tedong ( Toraja Language ).

Fighting = Berkelahi/Adu=Silaga ( Toraja Language ). Toraja Buffelo Figthing well know as Toraja Adu Kerbau or Ma’pasilaga Tedong.

According to schedule we received from the commitee of Ne’Nesry Funeral Ceremony, the buffelo fighting will be held on 2nd till 4th August 2018.

It can takes 1, 2 or 3 days, even more days, depends on the schedule issued by commitee or depends on how many buffelos will fight.

The buffello fighting commitee in Toraja is well known as Komunitas Pencinta Tedong Silaga (KPTS) / Buffelo Fighting Lover Community. Buffelo Fighting = Tedong Silaga.

About 2 weeks ago, Ne’ Nesry family together with the funeral ceremony commite has arranged meeting with KPTS to discuss the preparation for the buffelo fighting ceremony. KPTS will incharge during the buffelo fighting ceremony.

One requrement from the KPTS is to build the fence and barricade to provide safe area for the people who will come to watch the buffelo fighting, commitee and supporters of buffelo team.

And it is a common practise to build a fence, since Tedong Silaga is becomes very popular nowadays, the quantity and quality of fighter buffelos is increased every years and thousands people comes to watch it. It is a big thing now in Toraja.

Photo Arena

To prepare the arena, the villagers have been working together to cut the bamboo tress, making fences and barricades. The family whose host the ceremony provide meals for the people who comes to work. Today is the 3rd working day with around 20 to 30 men everyday.

And expected  it will take another 3 to 4 days to build the barricade and prepare platform for the buffelo fighting commitee.

Today after lunch, we took a ride to Ne’Garu to see the villagers whose working on building fences / barricades for buffelo fighting arena.

It takes about 4 minutes ride with motorbike from Tongkonan Ponggessa, where Ne’Nesry funeral ceremony will be held, to Ne’ Garu. Ne’Garu itself is a name of padi field, belongs to our families. Its located in low land area, on the shoulder of main road in Lilikira Village.

Toraja people believes that buffelo fighting ceremony should be done on a land which belongs to the family who will arrange the buffelo fighting ceremony, otherwise the buffelos will not fight. It is a mitos or not, I also not sure.

Below is our video ride from Tongkonan Ponggessa to Ne’Garu Arena.

To reach Ne’ Garu in Lilikira from Rantepao, the capital of North Toraja :

  1. We can take a drive to Pangli. After Pangli, we turn right to Balusu, pass through Balusu, continue to Lilikira.
  2. We also can drive from Pasar Bolu Rantepao to Tondon Nanggala follow direction to Palopo. After reach Tandung, we turn left to Lilikira.


Google Earth  : Tongkonan Ponggessa, Lembang Ao’Gading Lilikira

Read Ma’Pasilaga Tedong for more readings about Tana Toraja Adu Kerbau.

Well wishes for preparation and buffelo fighting ceremony itself, will goes well as planned.

If happen you were in Toraja on 2nd till 4th august 2018, don’t miss to attend this a traditional toraja funeral ceremony.

See you in the arena.


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